Hi, I'm Marvie, and you're here at my blog. 

What you will see and read here is all about my experiences, views, and emotions written in a metaphorical form, or just a regular statement about everything.

I see myself as a frustrated writer and composer since I love to write, but the problem was I was not confident enough to let everyone read what I wrote before. But for now, I'm starting to let other people hear my songs and read what's on my mind.

I have been into blogging since 2012 and I don't usually promote it. It was a dream to have a website, so I'm so thankful to my friend who encouraged me to create my own site.

So here it is, my very own website.

Since I love to write, I got the chance to be part of an anthology. It is written in Filipino because I'm more confident in writing in my own language. The two books are entitled:

Aksyon: Dagli ng mga Eksenang Buhay and Kalimbahin: Mga Dagli.

My previous blogs are still open, but updating them might stress me out, so I just let it out there. I have my personal blog about my life and the other one is all about movies I’ve watched or songs I like. And since I already have this so-called website, I don't need two different blogs to share something about my life and my favorites. 

Here's the link to this blog: sassymovieslovelyseries

Here is the link to this blog: isipbataparin

Most of my posts are written in Filipino because I want to promote our own language but I am also trying to write in English. So I hope that visiting my website will not bore you. You can leave a comment to boost my writing. You can give constructive criticism or you can suggest ideas on what to write.

Thank you for visiting and reading my stuff. 

Please follow and share my site. Thanks!

(*^_^) Marvie

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