Lesson in life from The Last Song

Lesson in life from The Last Song

This was from my first blog post on my very first blog way back in 2010.

 Since there is a When I Look At You challenge going on I remember that I mention that song ten years ago since I give short review about the novel/movie The Last Song where the song was the soundtrack.

It was my first post on my first blog. I was so happy back then having my first site. This year to welcome my new site I decided to revise that post/article I have made year 2010 and let it be my first post here in my new website.

Book cover of the book I bought.

Looking back on the first time I saw the book; I immediately grab a copy and pay instantly. I was happy then, but I do not have time to read it. It took how many months before I started reading it. So, when I heard that time that there will be a movie about it. I would like to finish the book first before seeing the movie. And so, I did.

I watched it with the whole family and since my daughter love Miley Cyrus that time because of Hannah Montana she is so excited to watch the film.

The Last Song is a story of a rebellious girl named Ronnie. She and her brother Jonah are going to spend all their summer with their dad, and she hated the idea. For three years she never speaks to her dad for reason that she felt that her dad leaves them without any word. And because of that she does not like to play the piano again and when they arrive at their fathers’ place there is a piano and her father used to play it every night. She hates it and tells her dad to stop playing it.

Steve, her father cannot do but sigh and give up playing it. He hides the piano so that Ronnie could not see it. He tries to understand Ronnie and try to fill the three long years of not seeing each other with good memories together. Most of his time spent with his son, Jonah, who really love hanging out with him and help him making the stained-glass window of the church.

Ronnie tried to ignore her father until she was framed up by her so-called-friend Blaze at the music store and when a loggerhead sea turtle lay eggs behind their house. That was the time she times she realized that her father understands and believe her. So, she decided not to disappoint him again.

So, the movie almost revolves around Ronnie and Will but in the novel, it is all about Ronnie and her father. I just felt that they want to focus on the love story of the young lovers rather than giving more highlights on the father-daughter relationship which I felt while reading the book.

Anyway, I love their petty quarrels, their patience for each other and the time they decide about their relationships. Will’s going to college while Ronnie needs a lot of thinking about her life especially on how she is going to spend her days with her dad who has a cancer.

The ending seems to be sad because her father died, but Will and Ronnie get back together at the end.

I like how Miley Cyrus portray Ronnie and it would be nice to see Billy Ray Cyrus to portray as her father, but I am not saying that Bobby Coleman is not suited for the role. He is good.

I also love the soundtrack sung by Miley…When I look At You. The song really suits the movie. It has a deep meaning. It is not really a love song, but we can associate it in love. I love the momentum and emotion that Miley puts into the song. Until now, ten years after I still love it.

I can still say that I love story. I have read and watch it. But for me I love the novel more than the movie. I am not saying that I do not like it. I do like it, really, it is just that the novel has more detailed information and I just feel the emotion while reading it. I cried more while reading than watching it.

This novel of Nicholas Sparks gives me so much realization because I remember my father and just like Ronnie, I also want to do something for him that would be meaningful. But it is too late for me now since my father died four years ago.

Well done, Nicholas Sparks. You touched my heart with the character of Ronnie. It really makes me realized that time with your love ones are precious and it is never too late to make up for the lost time with them. I just hope that they would also feel the same way. I also realize that every second’s count and when it passed you by you cannot look back and changed what happened.

Let me share these quotes from the novel, "Life was much like a song. In the beginning there is a mystery, in the end there is a confirmation but its middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile."

And this was from the movie, "Sometimes you must be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less. Sometimes you love them more.”

These were few lessons I have learned from the novel The Last Song written by Nicholas Sparks. (*^_^)


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